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              For precision jobs, you need precision equipment. That’s why LiuGong’s line of pavers come outfitted with an advanced digital control system and fine tuned conveyance and distribution system to ensure accuracy and evenness. Paired with 3 major systems to guarantee the ideal mix, these pavers can meet your working requirements.

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            1. Metric
            2. U.S.
            3. All
            4. 5-7 tons
            5. Compact Excavators
            6. 分立式hot88网站
            7. Compact Wheel Loaders
            8. Large Tonnage Excavators
            9. Large Tonnage Wheel Loaders
            10. Less than 4 tons
            11. Vibratory Single Drum
            12. Light Equipment
            13. Pneumatic Tire Roller
            14. Tandem Drum Roller
            15. Compact Roller
            16. Medium Excavators
            17. Medium Wheel Loaders